Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wedding Part 3

Part 3!  Nearly there!  This post begins with the day before the wedding.  The girls returned to the spa at the mall to have manicures and then simply had to insist on being chauffered to the Scrappy Boutique where much money was spent - we simply don't have shops like this where I live in the UK!

There was much running around to be done that day and in the evening everyone returned to the villa where the chefs (under the instruction of Head Chef K) prepared an extremely yummy meal for everyone which was very much enjoyed!

After dinner, the groom went to visit and stay over with his family (after all, it was the night before the wedding!) and the girls began to worry that the creased look that the dress had adopted was not going to drop out of the fabric in time for the morning...
 ...but after much steaming-of-the-bathroom and waving-about-of-the-steam-iron they really just had to go to bed, so they did. :)

In the morning, I woke at 5am and thought I could hear rain outside so went to the window and BANG - thunder and lightning!  The family decided to congregate for mimosas and croissants and wait for the rain to stop and the sun to come up...

...and when it did, the rain had stopped and everything was just a bit... damp.

In the night, most of the creases in the dress seemed to have abandoned their fight and had fallen out of the dress onto the floor, where they had to be swept up because there were so many we were falling over them :)

Some make-up, hair, jewellery, a dress and shoes later, 

I gathered up my skirts and prepared to step out into the damp outdoors - my carriage had arrived!

End of Part 3 (I know I know, at least I started the wedding day in this post! lol) - Part 4 to follow...

Gayle xx


Michelle said...

I am enjoying all of your installments!!! :) Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all! Your dress is gorgeous!!

dianapena8 said...

Scrappy shopping was a must :)

LOVE the shoes!!!