Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wednesday waffle

At last at last I feel like things are getting back to normal :) I'm not sick, I don't feel rubbish and tired, I'm not on antibiotics, I'm not on placement, my assignment has been submitted....aaaaaah (big sigh of relief!)

And so this week I will be able to get some crafting done, which is awesome cos my stash of projects from my big burst of mojo is on the verge of running out :-O  Co-codamol and infections do that to you LOL

I was Beagle-sitting last week so ended up taking some photos to send to their (and my!) parents because they were missing them LOL
 (there are actually four but the other one was under a blanket in his bed and didn't want to pose)

And midweek we decided to have a BBQ because the weather was warm, but of course it didn't last long and the rain came in... but we didn't care so we finished our BBQ sat under the canopy on the swing seat LOL

We felt very British sat out having our BBQ in the rain LOL

So today I had some very happy mail indeed, how awesome is this!  Diana at The Scrappy Tree makes the most amazing mini-albums and this one here is now all mine :) so happy!  Can't wait to take some photos on our next holiday to put in it :)

Also my lovely friend Joyce sent me some orange cream sherbet dip from the US - I've never seen anything like it here before but I am sure my family will enjoy it :) now I just have to decide which of the serving suggestions to try!

So I'm posting on Friday at The Stamp Attic, but I'll have to post my sneak peek on Friday ;) don't want to give it away too soon!  I will have something to share at The Scrappy Tree too ;)

But for now I'm off to bed, ready for a workshop on ECG's tomorrow morning!  Spent today doing some revision on the heart in preparation so fingers crossed :)

Gayle xx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

A picture-plenty blog post!

Oh blah!  Been so busy lately I have been posting elsewhere and not here.... oops!!

Anyhoo! In the past two weeks I have been posting at The Stamp Attic here and here :-

...and at The Scrappy Tree here and here:-

 ...mostly with tags (as is my wont) but also with something a bit different too :)

 The last piece above was from a workshop with Hels Sheridan at The Stamp Attic and as I've described all the projects above in their respective blog posts I just wanted to add some photos here of the workshop itself :)
Everyone hard at work
Coffee and all the pieces before they came together
Mum working hard
Mum's inky fingers! She couldn't get them clean LOL (horrors!)
We had a brilliant time :) Stopped for coffee with Wendy and Colin from The Stamp Attic afterwards and had a thoroughly good natter :) fab!  Can't wait to go again.

Sadly, this weekend I am working away at the assignment I have due on Monday, so I hope you're having a great weekend and getting some crafting in on my behalf  :) have a good one!

Gayle xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ten things on the 10th

Today my ten things on the 10th is going to be a quicky list about my favourite favourite crafty things at the moment! Been working long shifts for placement and fighting off an evil ear infection so been a little distracted (!!) but sat in my craft room right now this seemed the most obvious choice :-D  simply can't think about making something without having these sat out on my craft mat :)
  1. Picket fence Distress Ink
  2. Water spray
  3. Manila tags
  4. Glossy Accents
  5. Ink blender pads
  6. Cogs and gears
  7. Black posca pen
  8. Script stamp
  9. Inks inks inks (distress inks and stains and archival)
  10. Gold stickles
Don't forget to visit Shimelle, the originator of ten things on the 10th, for her list for today :) 

I've able to keep up with a bit of scrapping thankfully (keeps me sane!) and have posted at The Scrappy Tree today:-

Would love your comments if you make it over there :) 

I am off to The Stamp Attic for a class with the fabby Hels Sheridan next weekend and absolutely cannot wait :) already making plans as to which cake to make for lovely Wendy and co :-D  apparently I am known in certain circles as 'the cake lady' lol lol lol

Thanks for visiting!  Onwards and upwards people, here's to another week!

Gayle xx 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Some exciting news...! eeeep!!

Eeeep!!  It's been very difficult keeping this to myself but I'm very happy to be able to tell you that I'm joining The Stamp Attic design team!  I'm absolutely thrilled to bits!!  There are some amazing crafty peeps designing for The Stamp Attic and it's a little intimidating(!) but it's such a great excuse to spend even more time messing about with crafty things galore :-D like I needed an excuse ;)

I'm really excited to share my first project for The Stamp Attic with you; I'm just showing a sneak peek here with a link to the post at The Stamp Attic blog - go check it out and if you like it, leave me some love in the comments there pretty please :)

Thank you! And... eeeeeep!!!!!
I've also posted a project at The Scrappy Tree today using some of my favourite colours (yep those sunset ones again) so you can find me there too today to say hi to :)

Happy weekend folks! xxx