Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The trouble with being organised

How long is your to-do list?  I have all the best intentions but haven't yet found the best way of doing one.  I often make a new one and add things to it that I've already done because of course the most uplifting thing about a to-do list is, well, crossing things off!

On paper? I lose them.  Online?  Well I can't always get online and then they're not up to date and I forget about them.  Tattooing them on my forehead?  Slightly too permanent and I'd run out of available skin before very long.

Quite simply I do have to admit to not being organised.  I have a diary which I couldn't live without, but I only check it when it occurs to me to do so!  Which is not often enough.  And sometimes, just sometimes I feel like the things I write in it are just inconvenient reminders of the things I didn't have time to do this week/this month/this year LOL

If you read this and you're an organised person, please please give me some tips on how you manage!  I think
that the only way forward in completing everything I need to get done is to get more organised somehow - help bloggers help!! loool

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Michelle said...

I am the last person to be talking to!! LOL I am and am not organized. My closets and cupboards are organized. My scraproom - a mess. LOL My to do lists are like yours and don't always get done. I too have good intentions, but seems other things get in the way. :)