Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year's Eve!

I feel like I have hardly had time to think about the New Year, Christmas has been all-consuming with the scrapping and moving and cleaning that December brought with it!

Plans for today... I think that we are going to spend a family evening with some drinks and some games of some description. The 'family game' that Mum buys for Christmas (a new one every year!) often makes a reappearance on New Year's Eve - this year's game was less competitive than usual because we played as individuals rather than teams (this family gets EVIL when there are teams involved!) but there were still some sneaky tactics when we played 'Destination : Hogwarts' on the 25th!

In the meantime there was a sleepy afternoon in work to get through... and a sneaky pic of the little wall I built on my desk to hide my doodling!

Yesterday I had some new scrappy goodies through the post - of course all the websites are doing sales at the moment which is AWESOME :) I picked up a scrapbooking pen set for £11.74 in the sale on one site (I had seen the same set for £25-£30 in a shop in Cardiff). I also needed some Basic Grey Scarlet's Letter fibres (gorgeous!) and some Liquid Pearls to try out :) Resisting the temptation to go scrappy shopping tomorrow as I found out some of the shops are open! When did that happen? I thought EVERYTHING closed on New Year's Day. Maybe I just never left the house to find out before now!

So I guess today is a good day to think about resolutions... I want to work harder at the good things in life. This year I will:-
  • begin planning my wedding and become more shapely for my wedding dress
  • work hard for The Scrappy Tree and try to get better at what I do
  • study hard and get my head around some more statistics on the way to finishing my MSc
  • try art journalling
  • find something blissful every month to add to my New Year/New Beginnings album
  • make more things for my family to show them I care (this went down well at Christmas!) and try not to inflict too many of these on my friends (who can make much better things than me and are not afflicted with feeling the emotions and sentimentality that I am taking advantage of with my family ;)


Michelle said...

Oh Gayle, I don't know about that one!! I bet your scrappy friends would LOVE anything you made for them!! ;) You have some great resolutions for this year!! I hope had a great night playing games and such with your family!! Wishing you the Happiest (and scrappy/craftiest) 2010!!

Julie Boeck said...

Gayle, I love all your resolutions!! I am also loving the scrappy goodies you got! Let me know how the Liquid pearls are! I have never used them.