Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year's!

Well I had a great celebration of the New Year with my family :) I insisted they posed for a pic halfway through a Disney quiz on the Wii before things got too messy! We were all struggling to keep our eyes open at about 10pm after a long day, but we managed to perk ourselves up and stayed up til 2am!
We all went to see Avatar at the cinema today in 3D - wow! Absolutely amazing. I want to go see it again! I couldn't believe that 3 hours passed so quickly and was sad when it finished! It won't be the same on the small screen so I hope I get to see it again in the cinema before it goes.

It started snowing quite heavily this evening and even though the ground was wet the snow had no problem sticking! The four younger people in the house decided that we would go out and build a snowman.
My brother didn't quite understand that the head was supposed to be ROUND so I did my best with what was there and made a snow-clown instead!

The boys weren't exactly focused on making the snowman and it wasn't long before Gavin got snow down the back of his neck...

...but he soon got his revenge!

My brother has been working all over New Year's and so hasn't gotten to celebrate properly; hopefully we will make up for that tomorrow! All of us are pretty tired out tonight and need to recharge our batteries. My nan was due to go back to Essex today but hasn't been too well so stayed an extra day - she planned on going tomorrow but we are trying to convince her to stay longer until she really feels better and the roads are safer.
After a good night's sleep I am hoping to get back to something creative tomorrow :) Happy New Year's!


Julie Boeck said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic time!! Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE the photos!!! It looks like you all had a good time!! Happy New Year's!! Hope your Nan is feeling better!!