Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Day

It's May Day bank holiday weekend here in the UK - in keeping with the tradition of many of our national holidays, it's raining.

But as a nation, we don't let that stop us.
We had a barbeque, and a few beers; Gav even got a cigar out from our trip to see his dad in Texas last year...
Something about Corona beer with a slice of lime, and the smell of cigars, makes me feel like I'm on holiday :)

Check out this weekend's art journal challenge at The Scrappy Tree and let me know about those sights and smells which get you thinking about summer....


Kristin said...

WOW!! Fun May Day for you two. I hope you had a good day off, you deserve it! Tell Gav, we were both drinking Corona last night :) Adorable pictures, I miss chatting with you! I need to catch up from being sick on the weekend to this journal prompt, be uploading soon.

Love ya,

Michelle said...

LOVE the pics!! (I don't know how I missed this post??!!) Glad you had a great MayDay weekend!!