Friday, 29 October 2010

The Scrappy Tree

Hi! Happy Friday! Or should I say good morning Saturday to the late nighters in the UK :) I've had my hands full this week with a virtual vacation with my scrapping buddies! I can't tell you how lucky I am to be invited to such an event; it's not over yet, but I've enjoyed every second so far, even though I have scrapped more this week than in the past months(!) it's been so worth it :) once we get back from 'vacation' I'm sure I'll have some things to share.

For now? I'd love for you to check out The Scrappy Tree! After a little break, The Scrappy Tree is back on track this month, and today I posted my regular end-of-the-month slot, Art Journal Friday. For those who haven't played before, it's a chance to mess about with your craft supplies over the weekend, and get a little love in return :) if you think you might have time to play this weekend, call in at The Scrappy Tree for more details.

Have a great weekend :) thanks for stopping by ;)

Gayle xx

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Debs said...

oooh exciting - on my way to the scrappy tree - vrooooooommmm!