Friday, 26 October 2012

Signpost Friday

Just a quickie message today for signposting purposes!  I blogged my book cover from last week's Andy Skinner class over on The Scrappy Tree blog -

...and I've also posted my DT project at The Stamp Attic - here comes Christmas!
It's been a busy crafting week but a busy study week too - pleasure and pain!  I have an assignment due Monday and an exam Thursday so they're keeping us busy :) I'm looking forward to getting the assignment done so I can play some more with the goodies I had last weekend at The Stamp Attic! Plus I really want a bunch more stuff with that gesso carving technique on it ;) lol!

It's getting chilly here now ready for the traditional autumn celebrations at the end of the month :) it's not Halloween or Bonfire Night if you don't need to wear a scarf and gloves to go out, and you should be able to see your breath in the air!

I made pumpkin walnut loaf and a carrot cake in the past week, so there have definitely been autumn smells and flavours in our house :)

It's been very windy though, so the trees are already starting to look more like winter than autumn already!

I am going to crack on with this assignment so I can get my life back sooner rather than later ;)

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend

Gayle xx


butterfly said...

As just posted at the Stamp Attic (I'm cheating now and copying and pasting - well it was a long comment!):
My whole living area is blue/white/silver, so I decorate a tiny tree in there each year (in addition to the big tree downstairs) - so the frosty colours of this couldn't be better, as far as I'm concerned! Love the weathering on your box, and beautiful aged music manuscript - altogether, yum!
Alison x

gayle said...

Aw, thanks Alison :) very kind of you! x

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Wow, two wonderful creations. Love the bright colors and the texture of the first one.

humel said...

Oh my word, I totally *love* the 'stained glass' effect of the book cover!! :)