Saturday, 3 November 2012

Saturday catch-up

Thank you to the recent commenters on my blog! So nice to see you here :)
I tend to repeat myself a little with the projects I post here and at The Scrappy Tree and Stamp Attic because I just don't produce enough to do something different for all three (plus it's nice for me to keep a record on my own blog too!) so thank you to those of you who managed to visit me at any of those three places, much appreciated :)

For today's post I'm sharing my Scrappy Tree piece:-
and my Stamp Attic piece:-
...from Halloween to Christmas in one short leap!  haha :-D
I've posted more details about what I used at the respective blogs, so I won't repeat here.  Have to admit I did rather miss Halloween as I had an assignment due this week followed by an exam, but I have been getting excited for Christmas already with my Christmas projects for The Stamp Attic, of course I have been listening to Christmas music to get me in the mood!  I found a rock version of Walking in the Air by a band called Nightwish - actually quite love it!

It's a bit of a slow Saturday for me today, I am beagle sitting this weekend (for four beagle babies), doing some chores and finding the answers for a workbook on catheterisation(!) before going to work for a long shift tomorrow.  Wahoo!  Now the deadlines are all passed I must get myself back to the gym, feeling weak from weeks of exercising only my mental muscle :-D

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :) have a good one!

Gayle xx


butterfly said...

Love both these... the tree silhouette against the orange text is awesome! Beagle-baby-sitting sounds pretty okay as far as chores go - I'm guessing the cute factor is pretty extreme...
Alison x

humel said...

Yes, I'm loving the tree against that background, too :) I'm not up for Christmas yet though!!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Two beautiful tags.

Anonymous said...

These tags are lovely!! The title of the Halloween one is great and love that it is in white! xo Evie