Saturday, 26 January 2013

Vegan food swap

This month I took part in the vegan food swap again having enjoyed my parcel of goodies so much last time :)

I sent my package of goodies off to Mitsu, who organises the whole swap she-bang, and I received my parcel from Liz, who lives not too far from me as it turns out!

Here's my swap parcel from Lisa minus one item...
...I have to admit, the banana walnut choc chip cookies didn't make it into the picture! Me and my family enjoyed them sooo much, what a sweet touch to add some home baked goodies to the parcel - thanks Liz! :)

Also in the parcel:-
Nakd bars (gingerbread and choc orange)
Sea salt, rosemary and garlic kettle chips
Bombay mix
Chocolate coated mini rice cakes
White chocolate buttons
Vanoffe dark raw chocolate

Gorgeous parcel of snacky treats, thanks Liz!

Gayle xx

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