Monday, 3 October 2011

Cardiff Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts

On Saturday, me and my Mum went up to Cardiff for the Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts exhibition.  It was being held at the Cardiff International Arena which is in central Cardiff, so after a Starbucks we took a leisurely stroll over there :)

I only took my small camera with me so that it wouldn't be too intrusive, but the CIA was quite dim inside so the pictures didn't come out too well!
 There were several stalls there, mostly for stitchcrafts but also a few for papercrafts and a few other things (such as a stall for cheeses, one for pies and one for roasted nuts!).
 As you can see, most of the people at the show were ladies!  I did spot a few harassed looking male partners following their ladies around but it was mostly us girls ;) although actually several of the exhibitors at the show were men - guess Timmy isn't the only talented male crafter out there!
 In addition to stalls representing businesses, there were also stalls representing certain guilds to do with stitchcrafts - the picture above was a large woollen tent made out of lots of different pieces (in real life it appeared in different shades of blue, grey and white).  The theme was the seaside; there were knitted seagulls, starfish, seashells - it looked amazing!

There was an exhibit showing entries in different stitching and quilting competitions - we were really impressed by these! So wonderful to look at up close.  We particularly liked the Wizard of Oz...

...and Alice in Wonderland.

There were also classes running that we noticed as we walked around, but they appeared to have been fully booked in advance.  We only found out about the exhibition quite recently, so maybe next time :)

We certainly enjoyed looking at the papercrafting stalls, and picked up a few things to bring home and play with  :)

The show at the CIA wasn't all that big, but it was great to look around and it's certainly made us interested in looking at attending a few more shows, even if we have to travel a bit longer to get there!

Happy scrapping :)


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dianapena8 said...

What a fun Expo and how cool that your mom shares you passion for crafts and can go with you to that kind of events, the pics you got of the exhibit are gorgeous, so much talent =D