Friday, 1 June 2012

Some exciting news...! eeeep!!

Eeeep!!  It's been very difficult keeping this to myself but I'm very happy to be able to tell you that I'm joining The Stamp Attic design team!  I'm absolutely thrilled to bits!!  There are some amazing crafty peeps designing for The Stamp Attic and it's a little intimidating(!) but it's such a great excuse to spend even more time messing about with crafty things galore :-D like I needed an excuse ;)

I'm really excited to share my first project for The Stamp Attic with you; I'm just showing a sneak peek here with a link to the post at The Stamp Attic blog - go check it out and if you like it, leave me some love in the comments there pretty please :)

Thank you! And... eeeeeep!!!!!
I've also posted a project at The Scrappy Tree today using some of my favourite colours (yep those sunset ones again) so you can find me there too today to say hi to :)

Happy weekend folks! xxx

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Michelle said...

Congratulations, Gayle!!!!!! So excited and happy for you! :)