Sunday, 30 September 2012

A few things...

Time for me to check in I think!  I have been AWOL for some time now what with holidays, study and placements, but I have been spending a little bit of time in the craft room so have a few things to share :) This is my most recent tag at The Scrappy Tree:-
 ...and these are my last two projects at the Stamp Attic, here...
 ...and here...

My mojo has been lacking a bit lately (those 12 hr shifts are killing me off!) but following a friend's advice I went into the scrappy room Friday night and just had a play, which was lovely fun :) At some point I should share some holiday photos, we did spend three weeks away!

I have been back and forth trying to write a blog post for some weeks now based on a prompt from a class, but for some reason it just wasn't flowing and it's stopped me posting(!) so I've abandoned that particular post for now, and thought I'd move forward with something else so at least I had something more recent up on my blog LOL

Halloween is fast approaching with the first day of October tomorrow, and although autumn isn't something we really celebrate in the UK, I love the US take on fall - pumpkins and cinnamon galore!  I brought some canned pumpkin back with me from our trip, so I'm looking forward to baking something pumpkin-flavoured very soon, perhaps for my next visit to The Stamp Attic for an Andy Skinner workshop in a couple of weeks :) happy days!  Really looking forward to that class, he has some amazing techniques.

On the subject of pumpkins, one of my favourite things about visiting the US around autumn is the very lovely Pumpkin Spice soya latte!  I was able to buy some of the Via sachets to bring back with me so I could enjoy it for a little longer at home, because up until now Starbucks didn't do Pumpkin Spice in the UK - until now!  They are starting it from Monday so you can bet I will be making a visit there very soon; am even more excited about this than I usually am about the red cups coming at Christmas LOL

And that's me for the moment!  I am on placement right now and learning so much, but no good for anything when I get home from a shift, but I need to fit in that scrappy time somewhere, so bear with me ;)

Happy scrapping

Gayle xxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Happy 1st anniversary my love!

Wishing my husband a very happy first wedding anniversary, this time last year we were going out of our minds(!) but it was a wonderful day, a wonderful time and we've been so lucky to revisit some of the places and experiences one year later to remember that time fondly.

Love you babya! x