Friday, 5 April 2013

My 365

I've been using a photo app called Collect since the beginning of January to collect a daily photo, and thankfully because it has a daily reminder option to ask you if you've taken a picture, I've managed to fill in all the little squares!

After having managed to keep it up for three months, I decided it might be time to think about blogging my pic for the month as an ongoing feature :) I won't bore you with January and February but here's March :)
1. Baked pumpkin loaf for the following day's Andy Skinner workshop.  2. Went to Andy Skinner workshop on image transfers - amazing!  3.  Family dinner at home, our dinner guest brought wine :)  4.  First day back at uni, used my new Cath Kidston ticket holder.  5.  Sunny day at Cardiff train station.  6.  Reading on the train.  7.  Sleeping Kitty on the Slanket.  8.  Fat Tony the hamster gets an extension.  9.  Spending time in the Scrappy Room; this is my mum's pen holder pot.  10.  Writing a book review for uni.  11. Sunny but cold; waiting at the busstop.  12.  Evening with friend Leanne playing Monopoly.  13.  Flutter: new game on iPhone, pretty but takes up lots of time.  14.  Fat Tony comes to sit on my hand for the first time.  15.  Red Nose Day and also Fat Tony's first time out in his new ball.  16.  Mickey Mouse toasted sandwich with yum Vegusto cheese.  17.  Doodling on night shift.  18.  Vegan ice cream with walnuts.  19.  Knitted baby booties finished.  20.  Sunny day!  21.  Rainy day :(  22.  Kitty reads the Kindle.  23.  Very funny internet link found on @stephenfry's newsfeed - fo Shizzle!  24.  Working on a tag.  25.  Working on Easter cards.  26.  Grim face on nightshift!  27.  Night shift picnic of houmous, falafels and pita bread.  28.  Dinner out with friend Jum.  29.  It's Easter for the Sims!  Dressed them in bunny outfits :)  30.  Kitty enjoying the sunshine from vantage point on back of sofa.  31.  Very excited hubs with 'eggstremely' large Easter egg.

Thanks for visiting!

Gayle xx

Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter

(singing) We wish you a happy Easter, and a happy N... well, a warmer Spring!  It's blooming freezing!

We celebrated our Easter with a family meal yesterday; you might know that our family quite enjoys a meal at the Olive Garden when we visit the States (we had our wedding meal there for example) and as we don't have them here in the UK we decided to create an Italian style meal in the honour of Olive Garden!

We started with bruschetta...
...and Zuppa Toscana, a spicy sausage soup (hubs made me a veggie version, am reliably informed it was fairly close to the original as I've never tried it to compare!) which was very tasty - maybe slightly less garlic in the bruschetta topping next time, it was very tasty but extremely garlicky!

My main was large penne pasta shapes topped with tomato and herb sauce and roasted veggies (the roasted portabello mushrooms were to die for!)...

...while the meatosauruses had a pasta/steak/cheese combo.

For pudding we lined up ice creams (vanilla Swedish Glace for me) and lots of toppings...
...I was particularly excited by the dairy-free fudge, cinder toffee, millionaire's shortbread and chocolate sauce, omg!!  Gorgeous!!
Needless to say we were full to bursting after all that food!  But it was a nice taster to remind us of our holidays :)

Lastly I have to share this pic of hubs' easter egg; I don't think the picture does it justice because it's enormous!  I 'eggspecially' liked the easter pun iced on the front! :-D
Hope that you enjoyed your Easter, and your extra long weekend :)

Gayle xx