Monday, 25 March 2013

Push-up bra blogging...?

How's that for a title?  I have to admit, it's not mine!  I'm following a blog series called The Push-up Bra Approach to Blogging by Julie at Notes On Paper, which is kind of all about neglected blog syndrome which I am super guilty of.  I blog regularly elsewhere for other people, but then I kind of don't want to repeat myself here all the time; at the same time if I don't blog it here it feels like I haven't got the proof I did anything.

So much of what happens in my real life is kind of confidential; I can't write much about my job because of the confidentiality aspect.  I spend a lot of time making plans for future projects for The Scrappy Tree, which I can't share here because that spoils the surprise really(!).

So maybe I need to rethink what I blog, because a lot of the time I put myself off writing something  about craft projects (which, let's face it, is my main pastime outside of nursing) because I already wrote it somewhere else.

I take a lot of photos on my phone, and in fact I recorded a bunch of stuff for Ali Edwards' Day In The Life in February.  Blog post right there.  Pow.  Ali is running it monthly.  Monthly blog post. Pow. LOL

I suppose the point is that there's plenty of other things going on which I could talk about, if I wanted to.  And that probably needs to happen on a different day to my craft blogging posts.

So step 1 - a bit of reflection on my blogging - achieved!  In theory I should be back again soon with some more blogging.  Right?  Right.

Thanks for listening :)

Gayle xx