Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Steampunkery and Save The Children

Hello all! Two posts in just over a week, I am doing well ;) I wanted to share my most recent post at The Scrappy Tree...
 ...made for my Mum!  She is into all things steampunkish at the moment and I had a cough sweet tin going begging from the large stash of potentially alterable items in my bookcase, so this is the result.  I think my favourite thing is the little metal heart that says 'made with love' - I did actually pinch this from her stash though!  I've posted all the details of the materials used over at The Scrappy Tree :)

The eBay auction I mentioned in my last post...
...finished yesterday with a grand total of over $800 raised (over £500) which was marvellous, still can't believe that 15 crafty items could raise so much!  Guess the signatures of a certain famous actor (ahem! Kevin McKidd) really helped that along LOL thanks Kevin McKidd Online!
All brilliant stuff for Save The Children :) it's time now for our next Scrappy Tree project to get underway, we've got something cooking... :)

Am very excited that this weekend I'll be paying a visit to lovely Wendy at The Stamp Attic, it's been too long!  Am going along for a fabby class with a very fabby teacher so will have something to share from there very soon :) in the meantime I have posts lined up at The Scrappy Tree that I can't share yet (boo!) so just one more photo for now...

This is Fat Tony! The newest addition to our family, he is a Roborovski hamster we adopted from the Pets At Home Adoption Corner last weekend :) so cute!
Bless him, I have never noticed 'Adoption Corner' before but it seems to be for pets that couldn't be homed for one reason or another (not bought from the shop, returned to the shop because the owner couldn't care for them anymore) so if you live in the UK and you have a spare hamster pen or rabbit hutch in the garage (yes I dug around in the garage and salvaged an old hamster pen so we could offer Tony a home!) please visit your local Pets At Home, or visit Adoption For Pets to see if you can offer a forever home to a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster etc etc ;)

I start back at uni next week for our next block of lectures on dissertations and specialist nursing - can't wait!  Beginning of third year here we come :)

Gayle xx

Monday, 18 February 2013

Love and hearts

Hello all!  Hoping this Monday finds you well :) I am all done with my current placement and now officially finished my second year (hurrah!) so I have some very welcome catch-up time :)

I've posted a congratulations card...

...and a Valentine card...

...at The Scrappy Tree since last posting here, and received a very lovely homemade Valentine myself too :) which gave me big smiles, do love it when hubs goes to the effort of braving the scrappy room to make something himself :)
At this point honorable mention also has to go to Mal, winner of TST's love letter challenge; an absolutely fabulous altered piece which I'm sure is very much treasured by its recipient Jennie - excellent job Mal!

Now onto the hearts... TST has been working with Kevin McKidd Online to try to raise some money for Save The Children, so there will be an auction running from today to Monday 25th February selling items made by TST and signed by Kevin McKidd himself :) he seems like such a nice guy! If you're a fan please go visit and place a bid, if not we'd be really happy for any shares and retweets you can manage, it's all for a good cause!  You can see the TST post by clicking here, and follow the links from there to the auction.  I am responsible for the grungeboard heart keyrings, please be kind and bid! :-D

Hoping you have a wonderful week ahead, I am in the scrappy room getting stuck in! :)
Gayle xx

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Projects and plans

Just sharing a few projects I've posted at The Scrappy Tree recently...
It's been quiet-ish craftwise with my current placement in surgery taking up quite a bit of my time, but we've been making plans at The Scrappy Tree for some exciting projects in the coming months that will hopefully also raise money for some good causes too, so look out for those :) can't wait!

Julie has also been posting some stamping technique videos at TST so if you're looking for some interesting effects go check them out :)

Thanks for visiting!

Gayle xx