Monday, 15 February 2010

Art journaling and a book!

Been tired enough to sleep on a chicken's lip all day at work (and possibly even been tired enough to doze a little on my desk at times!) but somehow when I got home I managed to find the energy to scan these two pages I was working on over the weekend :)

Finding it glorious beyond words to be taking this journey into all the supplies you should be 'qualified' to use :)

I also wanted to mention a giveaway happening over at Jennifer Williams' blog, Blueskysunburn - it's a marvellous book called Creative Time and Place by Rice Freeman-Zachery - I knew when I saw it that I wanted a read! It's all about making room in your life for working on whatever your creative endeavour might be - I know that's something we all suffer from! The unified cry of 'I wish I had more time to scrap/paint/etc etc!' - fingers crossed there's an answer out there somewhere (or instructions for a Harry Potter-style time turner, I'd be happy with either!)

Don't forget to have a wander around Jennifer's blog while you're there, she has some beautiful pieces of artwork and I love looking there for some uplifting inspiration :)

Hope you're having a happy Monday :)


Julie Boeck said...

Oh Gayle! These pages are wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

"tired enough to sleep on a chicken's lip" LMAO

I love what you said about being 'qualified to us'. Yes!


Kristin said...

I LOVE these, the second page just got better with the doodling, hugs friend, great job!

SassyIndy said...

Hi Gayle, thanks for commenting on my blog :) I really love your art journal pages, and that doodling! Yummy!