Monday, 8 February 2010

Double page rant!

Ok, so this is my first double pager finished up. It was inspired by some issues happening in our house at the moment and I thought you know what? I know a creative way to channel! Got some serious ranting put into this page, everything from the strokes of paint to the scribbled journaling! Someone mentioned today that when you put things in capitals it means you're shouting - that's true here!

Spent this evening working on another Scrappy Tree project - it's quite simple but I like how it's coming out. The joys of recycling! Thought I'd start making use of one of those packs of cards I picked up the other day, for our 14 days of Valentine's projects. Only 6 more days to go!


Michelle said...

It is good to get it all out on paper!! Too funny on all the caps! I hope you feel better now.. I love the vibrant colors, so appropriate. I am sorry that things at home are so stressful. Sending best wishes and hopes of Gav finding a job across the big pond. Love the blanket from Kristin!!! Hang in there, my friend. This too shall pass (I hope!)

Julie Boeck said...

This is wonderful! Your ranting looks great! lol.

Anonymous said...


I found you through 'a year in the life of an ar-t journal'. I'm just beginning the art journal journey and am loving bloghopping for inspiration.
Thank you for sharing such a personal moment too. I hope to use art journalling in such as way as well.

Monica :)