Sunday, 28 February 2010

Much love to the art journalers!

I have been overwhelmed by the great response to our first Art Journal Friday at The Scrappy Tree over this weekend :) much gratitude to everyone who took part! If you want to see the great artwork that people made, please check out our Ning site for the links and pics.

Here's my effort :-

I want to say thank you in particular to those who joined in to support a new art journaler, and also those who are new to art journaling and were brave enough to post (thanks Jules and Cherry - look here and here) - you're wonderful, each and every one of you!

I want to mention Rinda at Gallo Organico, who is also running an Alice prompt this weekend and was kind enough to signpost over to The Scrappy Tree as well :) Rinda, this is my entry for your fabulous giveaway, good luck to everybody who took part!

I would also like to mention Monica at Bohemian Shadows - even though she isn't as big as fan of Alice and Wonderland as me, she was kind enough to work with the prompt I posted :) if you're interested in some further prompts, Monica has one running at the moment - I know I will be taking part in this one!

I will be posting on The Scrappy Tree tomorrow to say thank you to everybody as the challenge is still open as I type this - I'll be running the next prompt on 26th March, but feel free to call in before then if you have something to share or just want to say hi :) thanks for the support!


Michelle said...

This is really cool!! I am glad you are having so much fun with this!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

This is wonderful. My husband can quote extensively from the Jabberwock, and it was one of the things in college that I found intriguing and kindof sexy!

Julie Boeck said...

I love your pages here Gayle!! The purples you used came across so beautifully!! Thanks for the awesome challenge!