Tuesday, 23 February 2010

In memory of Mags

So I'm getting nervous and a bit excited about posting my little art journaling challenge over at The Scrappy Tree on Friday! The glory of being a member of The Scrappy Tree is that it's about using whatever medium works for you, which fits with art journaling in a lot of ways - I hope that people who haven't tried it before will have a go, whether it means trying a new technique or using what they know and are comfortable with. Anything goes!

My camera battery is flat as a pancake so no pics of anything to share; I kind of wanted to do a more wordy post today, a bit of reflection. Today I wanted to remember Mags, my best friend's mother-in-law. She lost her fight with cancer in the early hours of this morning after what was really not a long time at all since she was diagnosed; so frightening how quickly it took her, but I'm sure at the same time it must have seemed agonisingly long to her family to watch her go through that terrible ordeal.

I do know that her family will have lots of fond memories of her to keep with them, as I do - the time we came home on New Year's Eve to find that she had shinnied up a ladder into the upstairs bathroom and then climbed into Michelle's bed and fallen asleep is an absolute favourite and will always make me laugh! We figured out there was someone else in the house besides us when we found a pair of high heels on the bathroom floor, and only then did we spot the ladder outside the kitchen window :) we had come home rather merry ourselves and our powers of observation were not at their greatest!

Certainly I know she will be missed....


Michelle said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Hoping she didn't suffer and wasn't in a lot of pain. Sounds like you have some wonderful memories to keep you going. I hope you have been well!! Talk soon, Michelle

Julie Boeck said...

I'm so glad you have wonderful memories to think of at this difficult time.