Saturday, 24 April 2010


'll be honest, tonight I am indulging a guilty pleasure - I am watching Intervention on YouTube! lol

It reminds me of when we first got internet at our flat, and I used to spend the whole night crafting and watching Intervention - happy days! Sad to say but in that respect they seem like old familiar friends :) wish that I could still get Intervention here! I think A&E tv have figured out that the UK were watching their new episodes from their internet site and for some reason they have put a block on - nuts! lol

So I have been working on a few things tonight that I can't share just yet, but hoping to tomorrow. In the meantime, I need to encourage you all to have a good rummage in your local charity shop. I went into ours this week with a client and spotted a pair of shoes in my goofy old size 8's for only £2, but the most exciting and important thing I picked up was this lace trim...

Bearing in mind that at the big craft store near here it costs between £1 and £2 to buy a metre of lace trim, I was lucky enough to find the three trims above by digging around at our charity shop (metres and metres of the stuff) for only about £1. Beautiful. :)

Tomorrow morning my stepdad and me are taking two of the Beagles down to the beach again - it will be early but I am happy to be able to enjoy this weather and this wonderful countryside :)


Michelle said...

Wow!!! Great deal on the lace!!! I can't wait to see what you do with it!! Have fun at the beach with the pups and your dad!!! Hope everything else is going well!! :)

Paula Phillips said...

Great find Gayle!!
Watching Intervention is addictive, pun intended? hehe.
Much Love

Julie Boeck said...

Wonderful trims Gayle!!!

Kristin said...

Cool find, gotta love those types of finds. I hope you had a great day at the beach and a have a lovely week!