Sunday, 1 May 2011

Art Journal Friday... from March!

I'm not quite sure at what point the relationship between my camera and my laptop broke down, and as a result I'm fairly sure that there are projects that I could/should have shared but didn't. I have a memory like a sieve, and therefore all I can say for sure is that I didn't share last month's Art Journal Friday and so I really should before I get to posting this month's :)

March's prompt was to be inspired by a book (you can see the original post at The Scrappy Tree here), and this page was very much inspired by the Anne Rice vampire books which were such a major part of my teens! Thank goodness there were so many, thank you Anne :) Anne Rice's books were the Twilight of their time I suppose, but to me always a little darker and less.... teen fiction? (Sorry Stephanie Meyer, I did enjoy the Twilight books too though!). Lestat and Louis, what can I say?
As soon as I saw this picture in a magazine it took me straight to the picture in my mind that formed when I read this scene - I couldn't believe it, it was uncanny! I believe this particular chapter is from the book Queen of the Damned where Akasha and Lestat are flying around the world; from my slightly fuzzy memory they come to a temple on a mountain where the humans are offering themselves as a blood sacrifice to the ancient and powerful vampire there - this picture was exactly the image I had! I haven't read the books for some time, but it was amazing to me how instantly it came back to me. What do they say? A picture is worth a thousand words.

I was torn about whether to add some words from the book to the page or not, what do you think? I also kinda like it the way it is too :)

Happy Art Journaling :)

Gayle xx


Julie Boeck said...

Gorgeous pages Gayle! You rock the art journaling!! Gosh I loved the Interview with a Vampire book. I remember staying up til 3 am to finish it when I was in college! :) I read the others in the series, but I have distinct memories of that one!

dianapena8 said...

Very Cool! that image you picked looks amazing, I am going to read that book again (can you believe it has a wait list at the library?) and for sure will think about this image when I get to that part :)

Sandy Ang said...

Hope the connection works again soon. Your art journal is so cool