Saturday, 14 May 2011

Reports from placement

So I'm now two weeks into my first nursing placement... and loving it! Unable to share too much detail because of confidentiality restrictions, but I'm working in a ward environment as a student nurse for the first time and it's brilliant :) I've worked in the community for social services for much of my career and was so looking forward to gaining some new experiences in an inpatient setting. Learnt so much already and can't wait to learn more!

Definitely finding that staying on your feet all day is easier than sitting and learning when you get up at five in the morning! Loving loving LOVING those Clarks shoes, they were the best pair to get for sure. No blisters which is great :)

Wearing uniform... kinda love that too! It's not entirely comfortable and the material makes you all sticky about halfway through the shift, but you know what? Kinda happy to be wearing it anyway :)

So far, so good ;) here's to many more days like these!

Gayle xx

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The Scrappy Tree said...

Gayle, so glad you are loving your placement! I bet you make everyone you come in contact with there smile!