Friday, 27 May 2011

May's Art Journal Friday

It's Art Journal Friday at The Scrappy Tree! Please visit The Scrappy Tree for this month's prompt, and come visit the Ning Community for chats and love and more journaling :)

I've had this photo in my camera from last month all stored up and ready to go for a little while now but what with one thing and another... well, you know how it is ;)
Here's my celebration of our early summer from April's prompt...
sunpic.JPG.jpgI loved that dancing girl so much! Been waiting for an opportunity to use her in something :)

And here's my page for the May's prompt... (you can read the prompt at The Scrappy Tree here)


I have no idea why these pics came out at such different sizes! Oh well :-D

This month's prompt really got me, it was one of those that started out as a thought which turned into some writing which was going to stay as writing until somehow the pastels decided to colour it in, which was going to stay as it was until some paint got in there. and all of a sudden I had a page with a title and it basically said in a sentence what ALL of the writing had been rambling on about. This was one that kinda happened on its own. I love the colours, but the title is the bit I like the best :)

Thanks for looking

Gayle xx

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gayle said...

And now I notice only half the first pic came out! Will fix :-D