Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday catch-up

So today it's time for a crafting catch-up because as usual I've posted everywhere but here :-D

This is last week's and this week's posts at The Stamp Attic, here:-

...and here:-

...and also last week's post at The Scrappy Tree here:-

I've posted more details about making them at the respective blogs so won't bore you with that again here :) If you like them I would love some comments :) I've got another post to share at The Scrappy Tree this weekend but wanted to let the current very lovely Thanksgiving post stay up a little longer :)

So this week I have been writing a book review, collating information for a presentation, finishing up some craft projects, freezing my butt off and getting rained on!  Oh wait, I also catheterised a plastic dummy!  That was a first! I think the 'best' bit was getting video'ed and having to watch the playback to see everything we did wrong!  Happy days, don't you just love technology :-D

Well that's my week, hope you had a good one :) hoping to meet with my bestie tomorrow after her trip to Oz, and maybe accompanying my Mum to the craft shops for a browse while she spends her vouchers :-D

Plus another book review, more crafting, more research blah blah etc etc etc
See you next weekend!

Gayle xx


Silvia(Barnie) said...

You've been very creative. All these projects are wonderful.

butterfly said...

Happy to say I caught these at their various "other homes"... glorious projects all round, Gayle!
Alison x

inkypinkycraft said...

These are beautiful! Trace x