Saturday, 10 November 2012

Ten things on the 10th - November

November is the month of thanksgiving so my ten things this month will be ten things I'm thankful for :) I've seen a lot of gratitude posts this month so it's time I joined in!

I am thankful for...
  1. Warm socks and a Slanket.
  2. My husband. Sometimes he really surprises me!
  3. My family - the family that I'm close to are some of my favourite people in the world.
  4. My friends - these make up the rest of my favourite people.  Some I've never met in person but have 'chatted' with online for years!  Others I met at school when we were kids a looooong time ago ;) Some are nursie friends who understand nursie things and giggles. lol
  5. My darling Kitty - she is my baby, loves to converse in miaow and loves cuddles, sometimes in bed. Aaaah.
  6. Having enough money.  Not for everything, but for the important things like food.
  7. Having a job that I love and I want to do well at.
  8. Being able to study and keep learning all the time.
  9. Wine, ink and paint.  Not all for drinking.  
  10. The internet.  Possibly google especially, for answering the forty plus questions that pop into my head everyday.
You can find ten things on the 10th with lots of links to other such list-y posts on Shimelle's blog here.  Thanks for visiting!

Gayle xx

Ooh, I did craft this week, I posted yesterday at The Stamp Attic:-
 ...and The Scrappy Tree...

This is my crafting proof for this week LOL! Posted more details over on the blogs themselves so won't share those here.  Have a good weekend! I am at work today but planning on crafty time when I get home :) happy days!


Michelle said...

Love your list! I had to chuckle at the kitty one. I can *so* relate. I now have 3 kitties. Laura left hers here when she moved out again. Does it still hold true that possession is 9/10ths of the law?? LOL I love your tag and Christmas project!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

butterfly said...

Lovely list of gratitude, and two beautiful projects. Just catching up with blog visiting - so I'll get to these soon at their respective blogs!
Alison x

humel said...

lol at #9! Wondering if you've ever stamped or inked with wine?!

Anonymous said...

Love how you used those spools in your Christmas piece and your tag is woderful!! xo Evie