Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Vegan food swap

So earlier this month I took part in the UK Vegan Food Swap for the first time; the idea is to package up a parcel of about £10 worth of vegan foods, add little notes saying why you like them, serving suggestions etc, and send off to your partner, who will be sending to someone else, who sends to someone else, etc etc etc, who sends to you!

Having not taken part before I'm not sure if I got everything right (I got the mailing date wrong for example, and may have leant heavily on naughty snack foods!) but I will know for next time ;)
The person I sent to is called Justine, and the person I received from is called Claire; here is a pic of Claire's lovely parcel!  Loved the coloured tags attached to each item.

It contained hazelnut waffles, a hemp Spacebar, curried kale crisps from Saf, gingko green tea, a raw chocolate Bliss bar, and a Clif chocolate protein bar.

Let me talk first about the hazelnut waffles - absolutely gorgeous with a cup of coffee! Excellent sat on top of the mug for a bit to warm them up too :)
Kale crisps I have tried before and liked; these curried ones from Saf (a vegan restaurant) were also yum :)
The hemp Spacebar I have never seen before but it had a smoked flavour that was right up my street, I do love my savoury stuff!  Never seen them around here but may look online.
I have more things yet to try, looking forward to tasting :)

Will definitely take part in this again, it was lovely to try some new vegan goodies - animal-free doesn't have to mean it's not tasty, you just sometimes have to work a little harder to seek out your treats!  Definitely worth the effort :)

Gayle xx


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

humel said...

Love the idea of this swap :) Looks like you got some tasty treats!