Monday, 31 January 2011

Art Journal Saturday

So, here is my take on the prompt 'gift'; I feel like I could have gone on and on and on adding layers to this, and perhaps I should have! But I am happy with the thoughts, and the journaling underneath the paint :)

I didn't start the day well; I got dog wee on my slippers this morning and then my porridge exploded in the microwave! I was late getting DF to work, and when I arrived at work I knew I had some unpleasant times ahead of me :/

I have started telling my clients that I'm leaving my job :/ I am hoping to have told everyone by the end of the week. Finding it desperately sad; I am sure my work colleagues are trying to make me cry! Had the sweetest conversation with a co-worker today who told me that she had been looking for birthday cards and had decided to look for a leaving card for me - she said that she had looked at funny ones, and ones with a nice quote, and some with a nice picture, and suddenly she realised she was all teared up! I am very fond of her, she is an absolute sweetheart! but was so surprised that me leaving provoked such a response, I was so touched :)

Wishing you a good beginning to your week :)

Gayle xx


Kristin said...

Big hugs to you friend, may you keep making friends like that every place you go (which I know you will). Very lovely AJ page, the paint rings are awesome!

humel said...

Love the art journaling - layers of paint is something I haven't yet tried, but I love the effect :-)

And what a tribute to you that your leaving has made people so emotional xx

humel said...

Oh, just noticed you have the Terry Pratchett button! Yay, fellow fan :-)

Maria said...

Yay, beautiful journal page!! You must be a good friend if everyone is sad. You did something right! :)

dianapena8 said...

I missed you Art Journal day at TST, your pages are amazing, I like the look of those black circles :)
Hope things are better at work today, last day right? hugs!