Saturday, 8 January 2011

Exciting news!

Well, for me anyway! Finally after three years of waiting, df and I have confirmed with the venue and we have a wedding date! We will be getting married on Wednesday 7th September 2011 :) very excited! I am waiting now for the contracts to be exchanged and then we can start choosing the cake, the flowers, and finally I will have to face up to the big dread - the dress!! I don't know why but I really struggle with the idea of having to go to a dress shop and try on dresses; I don't even like going shopping for normal clothes! I guess as I get some of this weight off I will feel better about it (maybe? you think?). I am firmly back on my diet and feeling very motivated right now, the countdown is on! I found South Beach works really well for me when I stick to it, so I'm back with my old friend :) not yet back at the gym after Christmas and New Year because things are still really busy(!) but it'll come once things settle down - where does the time go?? I get up, go to work, come home, get things done... and it's time for bed again!

Well one small thing I have managed this year is this birthday card for a friend - she makes the most beautiful projects herself so it's sometimes intimidating to think what to make for her, but I hope she liked this :) she hates the winter and her birthday so it needed to be bright and cheery!

I have made a draft wedding invitation now that I know the date, but it needs a little more work (and a little more crafty shopping!) before it's done - I was lucky enough to have a Cricut for Christmas so had to have a little play with that :)

Don't forget to call in The Scrappy Tree community this week, there are LOTS of new challenges and groups starting up over there and a little something for everybody I think :) this weekend begins the Fuzzy Friends challenge to support an animal charity so take a look around :)

Happy weekend! Gayle xx


Michelle said...

This is SO exciting!!! I am so happy for you!!!!! How cool that you got a Cricut machine for Christmas as well!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news! Good luck with all the preparation!

The Scrappy Tree said...

So glad you finally got a date,I am very happy for you both. You can now get officially excited!! yeah!! Don't dread the dress, it will work out, they are much more intimidating in magazines than actually trying them on and seeing what works and makes you happy :) On a side note, what a beautiful card, very cheery!


Julie Boeck said...

Yay for a final wedding date!!! I am so happy for you guys! It will be a wonderful day. I hate trying on clothes as well, but you will love the dresses and be a beautiful bride! Your card is also a beauty!