Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions tag book

So I already shared this over at The Scrappy Tree but as my productivity isn't all that good at the moment I decided to post it here too to prove I did something scrappy lately ;)

This is my New Year's resolution tag book - I bought Jessica's Sprague's hybrid class by the same name and really liked the idea :) I thought it would be starting the New Year well if I used up some patterned paper from my stash and made my own rather than printing out the templates; I kind of like how it turned out! I posted more pics and details of Jessica's class over on The Scrappy Tree for anyone that's interested :)

So I've noticed that we are onto the next holiday already - Valentine's is in the shops people! So are the Easter eggs but that's a bit early, even for me! ;)
Df and I don't always make a big fuss of Valentine's but I like that we do observe the day in some small way :) this year The Scrappy Tree will be doing a few things which will get me in the mood! The aim behind the projects will be to support Save The Children's Haiti Relief, so if you're looking for something handmade for Valentine's please consider giving The Scrappy Tree a visit over the next few weeks :) up for sale at the moment are these Paper Hearts for Hope candygrams, available in the US or UK for $7 including postage.

Click here for more details; the candygram will include a personalised message in a felt heart, Valentine lollies (or 'suckers' for my US friends) and a bookmark, all handmade by The Scrappy Tree team and to support a great cause. Order by 7th Feb for delivery by Valentine's!
We will have a few more events coming up, so watch this space ;)


humel said...

Oh, that's a purty lil tag book (sorry, don't know what happened to my accent there!) Just gorgeous :-) And love the candygrams, too - I won't even be spending Valentine's Day with my The Doctor this year (*sob!*) but I do have a little project in mind for a little gift he can open on the day :-)

Kristin said...

I love your tag book , what a great way to track your resolutions, I can't wait to see your progress through the year.