Saturday, 29 January 2011

The auction is live!

The Scrappy Tree's Hearts for Haiti auction has gone live!

All the items have been either made by TST members or donated by other crafters and artists and are being auctioned on TST's eBay shop which is here, and you can read more about the auction at The Scrappy Tree by clicking here. It's for a great cause, which is to support Save The Children's Haiti Relief fund, so if you want to pick up something handmade for your sweetheart for Valentine's and donate at the same time, please give the auction a visit and see what bargains you can pick up :)

I made a few things for the auction myself, a few each of these grungeboard keychains using a free bird stamp which came with Craft Stamper magazine...
...and another free stamp which came with Papercraft Inspirations magazine...
(I love those free stamps, can you tell!)
I also decorated a wooden trinket box but I'm afraid this one won't get to leave the house! Mum spotted it and was happy to donate to Haiti :) I am lucky that my Mum likes my work at least ;) although I'm not sure if she could afford to keep me in business if I ever went full-time :-D

For the journallers (or anyone who would like to have a go!) I have also posted January's TST art journal prompt if you'd like to join us and play along, all welcome :) we'll be sharing our pages here so feel free to stop by :)

I am currently waiting for our completed contract for the wedding to be returned to us, along with the list of options we have to choose from; the deposit is paid, and we have signed on the dotted line :) I found it funny that it was quite a big thing for us to sign, and yet we did so sat on the bed in pyjamas just about to go to sleep! I still have my reindeer pj's from Christmas, and Df in his batman ones - you can just picture it can't you :)

Happy weekend all :)

Gayle xx


Michelle said...

I am sitting overe here chuckling about the PJ's!!! Too funny!! I think your box is beautiful!!! Your key chains are really cool too!!! Regarding your comment.. yes!! Bring on spring!!! I am tired of these short and gloomy days!!!

Kristin said...

I love that bird stamp and it was free, awesome! OMG, the pj's!! Please put that on your wedding invite :)