Saturday, 6 March 2010

Blog candy!

Spent much of today catching up on blogs and spotted these two great giveaways - go check 'em out!

Given my recent foray into art journaling, I very much liked the look of this book on acrylics over at blueskysunburn - if you want to get going with your acrylic paint, why not enter?

Recent posts here and at The Scrappy Tree have given away my love of Alice and her exploits :)Faeriemooncreations has some simply gorgeous Alice in Wonderland pieces to give away on her blog and would like to know which character you would like to be! The Cheshire Cat is my absolute favourite, of course!

Well believe it or not I have done some crafting recently - inchies, circle journal pages and some art journaling! I have yet to get my scanner fired up so for now I'm just sharing the inchies and cj. Our journal circle must be over halfway around by now, there are 16 of us altogether and the journal that I sent off this week belongs to a lady in Minnesota who just recently had my journal too!
The inchies are my first attempt at masking using stamps - I'm lucky enough to have met Julie through my crafting exploits and she chose the theme for this month's inchie swap (she is our master stamper!) so she was able to explain what I had to do! I like the effect very much, but was disappointed when I couldn't find the stamps I was looking for to do this project - always the way, huh??
It was a novel use of Post-It notes anyway!

Spending this evening with my dear df - he got his car fixed, tested and back on the road today so he has just got home from driving himself to the shops! lol
I'll be back with some art journal pages tomorrow - happy Saturday!


Zom said...

ooh, I like the 3D flower. I always hesitate to put 3D stuff in cause I am worrying about closing my journal - but I secretly want to!

Paula Phillips said...

Gayle, so happy you've learned how to mask! Gotta love the postits for that. :) I know exactly how you feel about not being able to find what you want. When it happens to me my creativity shuts down as the missing item is all I can think about. Ugh.
They turned out beautiful anyway!
Much Love

Julie Boeck said...

Gayle, I am so lucky to have met you and I absolutely love your attempt at the masking inchies. You always use such rich colors and I love to look at what you create!