Thursday, 11 March 2010

Some thoughts at the end of the week

Lots of stuff happening in work this week that I absolutely can't blog about, except to say that I really don't like this job sometimes! Difficult days indeed.

I've got some art journal pages to share once I scan them in, but I also posted a VERY quick domino tutorial over at The Scrappy Tree - fun little project for Craft Month! :)

I've been finding lately that I've been journaling some angry stuff; obviously this is something that needs to come out and I know that it's maybe bottled up stuff that I can't say to the people who should hear it. But I wanted some happy pages too! So the new pages reflect that a little :) I'm not saying there aren't more angry pages to come (I KNOW there are more in there!) but hey, rough with the smooth, right? Accentuate the positive :)

Not sure what this weekend's journaling will bring but given the crappy time in work today? It will be needed and it may not be all that happy! But it will be good not to have to pretend...


Julie Boeck said...

I think we can't have one without the other sometimes; angry and happy. Your art journaling pages are a wonderful expression of all your emotions!

Michelle said...

I am with Julie on this one, Gayle! I am glad you have an outlet to let it all out. I am sorry to hear things at work are not good. Sending you hugs across the pond! :)