Sunday, 7 March 2010

Easy Sunday...

So it's Sunday already at the cottage and it's our turn to cook the Sunday dinner! I have no idea what it will be today, my parents pick something and then whoever is on dinner duty gets to cook it :)

I have been working on some journal pages this weekend, some just trying some things out and others from prompts - if you haven't been there already, go check out the March art journaling challenge at Daily prompts and lots of encouragement! Lovely place :)

So this week I have two art journal pages to share, one is a combination of two prompts ('doodle' and 'blue') from the March art journaling challenge, and the other is my attempt at drawing a face into my page! Still need to work on that face-drawing thing, lol!

I also want to send a big CONGRATS! to my friend Michelle - her scrapbook page was featured at Liz Qualman's blog today as she will be guest designing over there, so go check her out and leave some love!


Michelle said...

Gayle, these pages you made are so cool!!! I love the hair and think you did a great job with the face as well!! :) The blue page is really pretty. I love the different shades of blue and the doodling. Thank you for all of your wonderful encouragement you always give me!! You are the best!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Really nice. Love the blue hues and the quote.

And her hair is fabulous, the face looks great. I'm still working on mine as well. It's fun.


Paula Phillips said...

Gayle, these are just stunning! Are you sure you're a newbie? ;) I absolutely love the flame hair!
Much Love

Julie Boeck said...

Wow Gayle!! These pages are gorgeous!!! I love the face and flamed hair!