Saturday, 13 March 2010

This week's art journaling...

So I finally got around to firing up the scanner this week and putting in some journal pages to share! The first one, well I talked about this the other day - this is my happy page! I love the warm colours on this one.

This second one started out as a technique tryout - I wanted to try applying the paint in layers with a credit card (or should I say df's old clock-in cards!) and had several experiments trying to get a half-decent effect by applying paint through some sequin waste (this drove me crazy several times over until I figured out that you can't do it with a brush, you need to use a sponge, and you need to make sure you haven't got too much paint on it or you end up with a MESS).

Come to think of it, this page had all sorts on it! Collaging, stamping, hidden journaling, masking tape, Sharpies (I found these fantastic chisel-tipped Sharpies which I LOVE), I even used baby wipes with the acrylic paint to get some of the layers to show through better! Thanks Paula!)
This last page was for this month's inspiration challenge by Julie at The Scrappy Tree. Using the colours from the image as a starting point, I glued on those lovely swirls which I tore out of some patterned tissue paper a friend had used as wrapping in a parcel (thanks Rob!). Added some Red Hot Chili Pepper song lyrics, some ephemera that arrived in a parcel of goodies from another friend (thanks Kristin!) - I have some great friends huh ;) - and some crayons, ink, paint and white pen!
I have some busy looking pages in my journals this week - guess it's a symptom of my untidy mind!


Julie Boeck said...

These pages are fantastic!!! You need to teach me some of these techniques!

The Scrappy Tree said...

Lovely pages Gayle, they keep getting better and better!