Friday, 26 November 2010

A quickie Friday halloo!!

Hello and good Friday to you all :) here's hoping that my friends across the pond are enjoying their holiday weekend, and that my friends in the UK aren't having too much trouble with the snow! It landed here in South Wales today, and as you can see it isn't all that much, but enough in the UK to start to cause a few problems (what can I say, we aren't used to it!!)
This is the view out of the office window this afternoon - even though a nap at home would have been nice, they didn't close the office (oh well, after all it is only November!). I used to be really excited about the snow but after having to fight my way to work last winter through the unusually heavy snow, I'm now slightly apprehensive about the winter yet to come...

On the plus side... this weekend is Art Journal Friday! I've posted a prompt at The Scrappy Tree which will hopefully cater to all tastes; working in mental health services makes me aware that Christmas isn't fun for everyone so let's offer art journaling regardless of preference ;)

Happy Friday :) Gayle xx


Sherry Edwards said...

The little bit of snow you have already does look pretty - at the moment! We haven't had any yet in my part of Essex although there is quite a bad frost already. Fingers crossed it doesn't get too bad!

Thanks for stopping by my woyww desk earlier xx

Hope you have a lovely weekend (your photos are stunning btw!)

gayle said...

I thought it had hit Essex already :) it may be on its way to you soon!
Thank you so much for the photo comment :) xx

Michelle said...

That isn't too bad!! :) We have had a fair amount considering there have been some Thanksgivings that we are outside playing and it is in the high 40's low 50's. This year.. our first bout of sub zero windchills. Yay! :/ Just glad you didn't get our freezing rain!! That would have been treacherous! I do love the photo.. first snow falls are so pretty!