Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sunday morning... absolutely one of my favourite songs of all time! If you haven't heard it, it's by a band called Maroon 5, and is so beautiful and chilled out you can't help but love it :)

Seems appropriate for Wales - 'Sunday morning, rain is falling'

It happens a lot!!

Last night I was working on the first of my Christmas cards; I'm not sure how many handmade ones I will get around to sending out this year, but I have started at least :) if you get one of them, I'm sorry in advance! ;) I picked up some Christmas stamps from Papermania that reminded me a little of Timmy's line (loving those reindeer!) and made a few very simple cards to get things going ;)

My Mum thinks I am over-complicating and that I will never get a decent amount of cards done if I spend this amount of time doing one! lol!! I always spend forever on the first card, just takes me a while to get happy with it :)

I've been watching some old episodes of a program called 'The Family' online - jeez, it is hard to watch those kids be just like I was towards my parents! And the scraps between the older sister and younger brother? Ouch!! Reliving some tension and conflict, but grateful every day that all that resulted in such a great relationship with my family :) me and my bro are the Beavis and Butthead of the family, we just sit there and snicker at whatever 'in-joke' we might have laughed at since birth LOL
It is really touching to see how the family come together when they least expect it; it is beautiful to see that even though you feel your family is utterly rare(!), it's not all that different from everyone elses.

Happy weekend everybody :) Gayle xx


Michelle said...

I love the card!!! I am glad you are having a good weekend crafting. Nothing too much crafty here. With the Netflix thing here, because we have the wii, you can watch the instant view movies on your TV. Kind of cool. We have our quere loaded!! Mine and Brit's favorite thing to watch.. the old Dick Van Dyke shows. She has thoroughly enjoyed watching these.. just laughing. She really likes Dick Van Dyke from watching him in Mary Poppins.

Kristin said...

I love that song and Maroon 5 :) I think the card is great, I have a feeling I will be buying mine this year :)

Enjoy your snow!