Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday morning on the beach

We went to Rhossili beach on the Gower peninsula in South Wales this morning; I used to live right by the beach before we moved to the area we live in now, and loved it! It was a little chilly, but then it is November :) the dogs didn't seem to mind too much!

Me and my brother walking along; I love this part of the beach, it reminds me of the cave in Harry Potter where Voldemort hid the Horcrux!

I need to get a new memory card as we filled this one up today - I took a few photos to begin with but Df soon decided he wanted to take some too! Maybe he needs a camera for Christmas :) perhaps next year, I have this year all planned out already :)

Gayle xx


Michelle said...

Great pics Gayle! I love the caves too!!!

Kristin said...

What a fun walk, gorgeous beach! what is that green hilly cliff called, anything special? And which of the doggies is showing his Cugo face a few down from the top :)

gayle said...

Thanks both! :)
K, I'm not sure if the cliffs have a name but in the first picture, the bit that you can see sticking out into the sea is called the Worm's Head. 'Cujo' (LOL!) is called Alfie, he is in the process of baying at me (making a 'woo woo woo woo' noise) because I called him over for treats and then took pictures instead :)