Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Happy Birthday! (and stepdad update!)

Happy Birthday to my Nan! This is her card on the left, I got this gorgeous stamp in the sale recently and wanted an excuse to use it :) I can post it here because she doesn't read blogs ;) she should have had it with her today, but unfortunately the weather is affecting the postal service as well as everybody else so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow! She's coming to visit us at Christmas so looking forward to Christmas Eve!

Also need to say a BIG happy birthday to my dear friend Kristin (whose card I won't post here because she DOES visit my blog and she also hasn't seen her card!) - please go visit her blog and wish her a wonderful birthday! Kristin, wishing you all the best for today and a fantastic year ahead :)

I also need to say thank you to the well wishers :) my stepdad had the op yesterday and we think it went ok! Waiting for them to put a plaster cast on his leg and do an occupational therapy doo-dah to make sure he's ok to come home and mobilise in the house, and then we will have him back where he belongs :) it's so sweet to see my parents missing each other, oh bless! They are a bit lost without each other, even when it's only 15 minutes down the road ;)

Wishing you happy hump day :)
Gayle xx

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Michelle said...

So, glad he is doing well, Gayle!! That is good news!! Happy Birthday to your Nan!! :)