Friday, 17 December 2010

Snow day!

When I went to bed last night, there was no snow, no frost, maybe a little sleet that came down as I was driving home from work. This morning? This is what was outside! Do you remember my post from a week ago with Bill and Ben? This was them this morning :)

I can imagine they were less than impressed! From the same post last week, I put up a photo of the sun shining when I walked out of the front door in the morning; well this is that same view today:-
The photo below is our usual way out to the main road in the morning; around that corner and up a steep hill lies the main road, but I didn't get up there today...
What really fascinated me was that yesterday there was nothing, no snow at all, and overnight there was a good 10cm of snow on everything - look at the poor plants! And the table! We sat there for barbeques in the summer!

The cars had a lovely layer of snow on them :) when we went out to get things from the car it was dark inside because of the snow :)

The photo below shows the view from my bedroom window; across the bridge and to the right is where my stepdad fell on the ice just over a week ago - none of us went down there today! The dogs loved the snow on the walkway at the back of the house today, and had great fun with breaststroke through the snow on the driveway at the front :) Millie, our black Scottie dog had a great white beard!

My favourite thing about the photo below is the amazing colour of the sky; I just couldn't believe how beautiful it was :)

This last photo with the sun shining through the trees was my absolute favourite of the day :) the sun shining through the snowy branches was just beautiful :)

I don't know if it's the snow or the impromptu day off work but I was feeling really festive today :) on Christmas Eve we are going to have a little blog party talking about anything to do with the beginning of the holidays :) me personally, I will be finishing work on that day, maybe posting a project I've worked on, and talking about how I'm feeling about Christmas this year :) if you have a blog and would like to share your post with us on Christmas Eve, send me an e-mail at gtillyer (at) hotmail (dot) com or leave me a comment on this post by midday GMT on Sunday and you can join our blog party! Look forward to having you with us :)
Happy weekend everybody :) stay warm!
Gayle xx


Michelle said...

Count me in for your blog hop! I will try and set something up early. We are not going anywhere, but Greg may be working xmas day, so doing our gifts xmas eve night instead of Christmas morning.

LOVE the photos!!! Last weekend, we got 24" of snow. Then, earlier this week part of the state received another 8". We were supposed to, but it missed us. You have a pretty view out your bedroom window!!!!

gayle said...

Good to have you on board Michelle :) really looking forward to it! 24" of snow is a LOT, oh my!!

humel said...

Wow, isn't it beautiful! Our skies dumped about an inch of snow on us in about 15 minutes last night, and more snow kept falling (though not quite as heavily) for a while after that, so we had lots of fun sledging and building snowmen and having snowball fights today :-)

Debs said...

Hi Gayle
great photos of your snow.
Just popped by to wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and a great 2011 xxx

Kristin said...

Beautiful pictures G, makes me want to visit more and more each time you share your surroundings with us. I adore the picture out your window!! And you are right, what a beautiful blue sky :) See ya Chrimbo Eve!