Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Look out!

Only a few days into December and disaster is striking already! I went out to a Christmas do on the weekend and saw 5 people fall over! Admittedly two of them had drunk a little too much and tumbled on some steps (ouch!) but the other three all became victims of the icy conditions :/

Yesterday morning my poor stepdad became the next victim; he was out walking the dogs and slipped, breaking a bone in his knee and tearing the quad muscle from the bone - OUCH! That's his x-ray in the picture above. Thank goodness he had his mobile phone with him (which he NEVER takes anywhere) and was able to phone home - poor soul couldn't get up off the floor :/ we went to get him up, dropped the dogs off at home and then went straight to the hospital... and then waited 14 hours for scans, doctors and an available bed! Phew! Accident & Emergency was a seriously busy place yesterday, can you believe so many people can fall over at the same time?
The sign above should say 'Ystafell Blaster' which is 'Plaster Room' in Welsh - my stepdad had to have a brace put on overnight to keep his knee immobilised until they operated today.

He's in surgery right now to put his knee back together :) we've got everything crossed for a good result :)

Gayle xx


Sherry Edwards said...

Hope everything went well and your Step Dad is feeling better xx

Michelle said...

Just checking in on your dad!! I hope he is out of surgery and resting. I hope they were able to repair his knee!!!!

Kristin said...

I am glad to hear he is feeling better and going to be okay, big hugs all around!

Love ya, Kxx