Thursday, 7 January 2010

ATCs galore!

Tonight I had a cool scrappy night with my mum :) she was working on decorating the box she keeps her paper in, and I finished off heaps of ATCs! I love scrapping with my mum, either we chatter away about things or we're both concentrating really hard! My nan didn't want to join in tonight so it was just us :)

Gavin made me a Winnie the Pooh tuna and cheese toasty for sustenance!

And here are my ATCs! They are going to be winging their way to California in the next week - I wish I was going with them; it's pretty cold here right now! This is the 'singer/band' category...

This is my favourite one! Favourite quote from Monty Python - always look on the bright side of life :) I had great fun doodling round the edge of this one.

And this is my favourite book, The Hobbit. I first read this book aged 7 and I've loved it ever since! I far prefer it to the Lord of The Rings, and always enjoyed going on adventures with Bilbo and the dwarves to get the treasure from the dragon Smaug!

Tomorrow I am hoping to go to the craft shop - Mum found a voucher and after I introduced her to the joys of double-sided tape to attach your ribbons she NEEDS some! I may be able to go tomorrow morning if the ice isn't too bad. Tonight is due to be a record-breaking cold night here in the UK, I think they said -20C which is colder than I have ever seen!

I got a Christmas parcel from Gav's sister this morning though - hat, scarf, gloves and socks, so I am well equipped!


Michelle said...

Great ATC's!! :) That is a great quote!! I am so glad you and your Mom had a great time crafting! :) Looks like you are well-equipped with your new socks, scarf and gloves!! It has been nasty cold here.. windchills in -25 at times. Today's high.. 6F above. Oh Greg got me a new winter jacket. A down filled one! So warm!!

Julie Boeck said...

Gayle, I love your atcs! I hope I am lucky enough to get one! I also love Gavin's Winnie the Pooh toasty. What a sweetheart he is!! I love that you have your Mum to craft with. Give her a big hello! Love ya loads!