Monday, 25 January 2010

A weighty issue!

So today I am giving myself a wake-up call! I was thinking about the things I want for this year, and one of those is getting myself back on track with a healthy diet again after the redundancy/Christmas/New Year/brother's birthday/work colleague's 50th birthday party indulgences! There's always a reason, right? ;)

Well today I'm posting this photo:- remind myself that last summer and 30lbs heavier I was NOT happy in my own skin and it's a slippery slope back there again! I had lost more than 30lbs by November, but I'm running that risk of heading back there due to the aforementioned indulgences, and today I am putting my foot down and saying NO MORE!

I am blogging it with the hope of shaming myself into action ;) I have got some important things coming up this year that I want to feel good about when I'm there, and a really big important thing coming up next year in the form of my wedding! Now don't think for a second that I even have any idea what colour, shape or style of dress I want to wear, but the size? That I do have ideas about. And I don't want to have to make good on my threat of not going through with the wedding because this weight is still hanging on for the ride :-D

Sounds outrageous to say that, huh. But it's an issue that affects a lot of things for me, and for other people I know who struggle with their weight, whether it's too high or too low. Yes, I really have refused to go out on a night out because I felt so awful that my clothes didn't fit properly. It's a tantrum, I know this, but at the time it's such a panic and upset that it doesn't feel possible to do anything else!

So my wedding is not going to be like this. I refuse. Taking charge today, and every day. I have done it before, and I will do it again.

Thanks for listening to my waffle :)


Michelle said...

Wow, Gayle!! Great job on losing the 30 lbs.!! I know you can do it!! I promise to not send you any cookies or candy that would hinder your goal. I, on the other hand, have the opposite issue. I am not Calista Flockharte skinny, but am on the thin side. I do not gain it very easy, except for when I was pregnant with the kids. I have had those tantrums that you speak of.. so don't feel bad!!

Julie Boeck said...

Gayle, you make me so proud!! I love that you put this out there and I am sure this will be a huge motivator to you! You are an inspiration to me for so many reasons and this is just one of them! I love ya and wish you all the best with this!