Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snowy day!

Ok, it snowed like crazy for about two hours this morning, everyone went nuts and ran home apart from me, and by the time I finished up and was ready to go home the snow had cleared up! AND I forgot my camera so no scenery today - you'll be glad of the break :)

However! I did get a good pose from my cat, Kitty - it's rare to get a good photo of her because she often appears invisible to the camera lens because of her luscious black fur! She looks like she is adoring the attention :)
Tonight I am working on some LONG overdue ATC's - oh dear! I am also giving some thought to an inspiration prompt given to me by a scrappy friend... I am probably taking the inspiration in entirely the wrong direction but am loving the thought of giving it a go... will remain mysterious for now so as not to spoil the surprise! But I will say thank you Julie for the inspiration! ;)

I managed to fit in some sly doodling practice during the quiet afternoon in work (we probably lost about twenty people to the mad dash home from the snow that didn't stick!) which I am nervous about putting into practice on some of those journal backgrounds...


Michelle said...

Oh Gayle, your kitty is ADORABLE!! Personally, I have been loving your scenery photos. I don't have any good ones to take..must go to the local state parks?? hmmm..maybe when it warms up some! I hope you had a good time crafting tonight! I can not wait to see what you made!!

Julie Boeck said...

I love your Kitty picture!! I wanna see your doodling! I am also glad you like the inspiration challenge. I hope to work on that today! Love ya!