Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rambling on a Wednesday

Okay, so today is just going to be a bit of a ramble! I have been picture heavy lately :)

I should be scrapping right now but I am sitting back and catching up on blogs, and looking at all of the wonderful things that people are creating - it's so great to have all this inspiration around you, fabulous scrapbook pages, art journal pages, altered art, gorgeous photos - I love it! And the forums, the prompts, the people - yeah for just sitting back and soaking it all up :)

I just caught sight of a tag that I made among my scrapping stuff, and remembered taking pics of it underneath my lamp on my scrapping table - I miss it so much! Never realised what hard work it would be not having a scrapping table.

So here it is, a photo tribute to my lost scrapping table...

I have been working on some gluebook type stuff today, separate from my art journal for the Caravan. Waiting for paint to dry is a LOOOOOOOONG process! It's hard to try to find somewhere out of the way to leave it dry! Someday, I will win the lottery :)


Michelle said...

You will have your own place again :) Fun seeing your scrappy space!! Love the tags!! I have had fun with the blogs too!! I agree so very much inspiration. Hope you are having a good week! :)

Julie Boeck said...

I mourn the loss of your scraptable and hope you get one back soon! Love ya!