Thursday, 28 January 2010

Circle journals

At the moment I have two circle journals that I'm sending on their way tomorrow. The Sheilas Postcard Circle Journal has been going for over a year now, and along the way has gotten a little bunched up at times but we have no losses and they are still working their way across America, the UK and Australia!

The journal above started and will end its journey in Arizona, and the one below is from Texas.

I think all of my pages have been different, not just because all the journals are different shapes and sizes but because I love doing something different in each one :) I have had to change the way I started out, if only because I have moved house halfway through and there are no postcards of the town I live in now!

Seeing each new journal in person when it arrives is a real excitement, and sending them on their way again brings that little buzz of looking forward to the next one.

Tonight, I want to work on some art journalling I started last weekend - hope to share it soon!


Michelle said...

I have loved all of the pages you have made that I have seen! :) It has been fun seeing alittle bit of where you live! I think that is great, almost amazing that none of these have gotten lost. And hopefully they haven't went on a long trip than they were supposed to!! LOL

Julie Boeck said...

These are great! I love your pages!