Saturday, 23 January 2010


So this weekend is the big weekend for all us crafters - CHA in California is this weekend! I have a good scrappy friend who will be going, and having instructed her to take LOTS of photos; I am looking forward to vicariously living through her!
I am on Twitter and am picking up updates from some of my favourite scrappy people during their time at CHA - how much do you LOVE this 'grungecoat' as modelled by Tim Holtz?
Totally fab :) a friend of mine picked up some grungepaper on Friday, I will be sure to mention this pic to her!

To occupy myself I am catching up with Celebrity Big Brother - who knows why but I am finding it quite entertaining! I think I am nearly getting DF interested; he always wants to know what I'm laughing at! It's nearly coming to an end so I'm trying to catch up before I find out who wins :)


Michelle said...

Love Tim!! He seems so down to earth. I was invited to go with Nancy, but can't get away. Just don't have the funds. Excited to see some of the new stuff, but then I will just want to buy.. so maybe I better not look!! :) Here at my house, if it isn't the Disney Channel or PBSKids.. I can't tell you what is on.. how bad is that!! I have not a clue what is on!!Glad you are enjoying the show!!

Julie Boeck said...

Wow! Timmy's coat is something!! I haven't seen grungepaper! Sounds so cool!