Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Working hard...

Ok, so I finally got some scrapping done! Will share pics tomorrow night :) I have been off the internet ALL evening, not through choice but because the need of others to use the laptop was greater than mine! Needless to say, spending the WHOLE evening without internet connection needed some other occupation... so I scrapped! Got 16 ATCs done for the swap I am late for so I am feeling very productive! Plus, I got some doodling practice in - this we like!

So here's my photo for today - more scenery! Which I know will keep Michelle happy :)

This is on a street called 'Pont Aur', or in English 'Golden Bridge'. It's the remains of the old ironworks and is next to a street of houses and bungalows on the left of this picture, and also a sheltered housing block. When I dropped off a client this afternoon I couldn't resist taking a photo! This is just over a mile from my work, and has been preserved as a monument to the industrial times of the village.

Gavin's nan lives just down the road from this place, and his dad used to play here when he was little - lots of local history for us! Gav's dad and nan both have paintings of Pont Aur on their walls, one in Wales and one in Texas in the U.S.!


Michelle said...

Hey now!!! LOL I don't know if I will ever make it to the other side of the big pond.. so I live vicariously thru your photos!! :) They are beautiful! This is really cool!!! I love old architecture. I hear you on the no internet.. I wouldn't know what to do either!! LOL Oh, Greg is living on facebook, all his waking hours... he was on Gav's page. Had to show me some pics that were in his gallery.. there are some pretty imp'ish looking photos!! Of Gav, of course! One thinks he can be full of mischief when he wants to. :)

Julie Boeck said...

Beautiful photo Gayle!